Dear God...It's me, Donielle

Everyday I wake up and go through my typical routine:/ Shower, hair, make-up, get kids ready for school, make my husband's breakfast, carpool, Baby Deb time, housework, carpool, take the kids to whatever sport they are in for the season...Son is a football player & my oldest daughter takes competitive gymnastics for LSU....and let's not forget church in all that. So, I have decided to blog on my everyday moments just being me and needing that break...when you look up to the sky when you've just realized your gas light is on and your stuck in traffic, and say "Dear God...It's me, Donielle"......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Hello Donielle Holland....It's been a while ;-) "

Donielle Holland...Been her my entire life.  Got never changed.  But, I can lose myself sometimes w/ how crazy & hectic my schedule is:/  If you are a woman like I am....Your day never stops.  They actually kinda start running together as just a week..not a day.  Sometimes I look forward to my weekend because maybe...just maybe...I can sleep in on a Saturday morning.  It is a rare event, but when it happens...I feel energized and ready for my next week of GO..GO..GO....  But, then sometimes you get that weekend that is full of birthday parties, church socials, sport events, and the typical grocery shopping and cleaning:/  So, that is when I just STOP!  Right there.....and I grab my iPhone (that I am totally addicted to) and find out what in the world my friends are doing.  And that's when I make plans to hang out with the coolest people that I know.  Not just the friends that you made as a adult...the friends that knew you as a a teenager...the friends you grew up with!  The girls that held your hair back when you got drunk at a party and shouldn't have done that Keg Stand...The people that you were packed 10 to a car & chilled with on Brown Road...The ones that you slept in a crappy hotel with (RED CARPET INN) and never complained because you were having so much fun:)  The friends you went to Spring Break with and never told anyone what you did!!!  lol....You can never have friends like that again....It doesn't matter to them how much money I make, what car I drive, how big my house is, what job I have, what I look like 20 years later...These people knew who I was before my life got so chaotic that I sometimes even forget if I even ate today or not?  When I hang with these people...I remember who I am...I remember who Donielle Holland really is....Not the Mommy...Not the Wife...Not the Job...The Maid or the Chef....
    There is no better medicine for stress and anxiety then having a night out with the best friends you could ever ask for!  And I am talking about my girl & guy friends!!! :))  So when I forget to even breathe on a Tuesday...One evening with my past reminds me of myself, and I say.."Hello Donielle's been a while."  ;-)

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