Dear God...It's me, Donielle

Everyday I wake up and go through my typical routine:/ Shower, hair, make-up, get kids ready for school, make my husband's breakfast, carpool, Baby Deb time, housework, carpool, take the kids to whatever sport they are in for the season...Son is a football player & my oldest daughter takes competitive gymnastics for LSU....and let's not forget church in all that. So, I have decided to blog on my everyday moments just being me and needing that break...when you look up to the sky when you've just realized your gas light is on and your stuck in traffic, and say "Dear God...It's me, Donielle"......

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Forgiveness...It's my worst flaw

To do what the bible says...Forgive those so you can be forgiven...Turn your cheek...Be the bigger person...Fight the Spiritual Warfare.
I was taught this my entire life by the same people and the same church since I was 10 yrs old.'s easy for me to say.  Hard for me to do.  What's really hard is forgiving people who are not sorry.  Who feel as tho they did nothing to hurt you.  These people are the ones that can hurt me the most.  I WANT to be angry and be mad at these people!!  I think about what was said and done and I start getting ticked off all over again...yet I am to forgive?!?   It's so hard.  When will I be ready?  When will the anger stop?  When will I be able to face them?
And yes...I know that I am only hurting myself by allowing these people to hinder my heart...flood my soul with bitterness and bring tears to my eyes.  Why is forgiveness so hard?  When I know I am supposed to do it?  I am supposed to seek God.  What if the place you were raised to seek God is the same place that the hurt came from?  To forgive people who are not sorry.  It may be one of the hardest things in this world to do.  I need to pray hard for this one...Dear God...It's me Donielle.