Dear God...It's me, Donielle

Everyday I wake up and go through my typical routine:/ Shower, hair, make-up, get kids ready for school, make my husband's breakfast, carpool, Baby Deb time, housework, carpool, take the kids to whatever sport they are in for the season...Son is a football player & my oldest daughter takes competitive gymnastics for LSU....and let's not forget church in all that. So, I have decided to blog on my everyday moments just being me and needing that break...when you look up to the sky when you've just realized your gas light is on and your stuck in traffic, and say "Dear God...It's me, Donielle"......

Friday, May 6, 2011

Geezz...It must be a Tuesday!!

Let's start with my typical day which starts around 5:00am  (if I really put some effort into my looks for the day then  I get dressed then have to wake my two kids up & get them dressed.  I leave my house about 6:10am to be at work for 7:00am.  So here goes the drive to Seigan Lane from Walker.  Sometimes slow traffic due to all the dang construction that never seems to be going away:(  And why people must drive retarded through there is beyond me!  Anyways, on Tuesdays & Thursdays my daughter has gymnastics from 5:30pm - 8:00pm on Segain Lane.  I get off work at 4:00pm and drive ALL THE WAY HOME only to get there, and she is waiting for me in her cute lil leotard and we drive straight back to Seigan!  I get home around 8:45pm...So let's do the math people...6:10am - 8:45pm = 14 hours and 35 mins...That is how long my day is...Which is not including my Mommy & Wife duties!!  Ummm.......dinner, baths, some housework, making sure all homework is done & my kids have studied for their tests & I spend what personal time I have with my hubby who is just as busy as I am.  Sometimes I feel like I am spending my life in my van or gymnastics.  Because if I am not at work....I am usually at some sort of function that my 2 children belong too!  Not that I am complaining bc I put them in these events to make them better!  To give them options that I never had.  My goal & responsibility is to make sure that both of my children succeed in life and make something of themselves!  There is this huge world out there and I want my children to live in it...not be stuck in a small town like their parents.  But, when I lay my head down at night and everything that needed to be done that day is completed....Its the only time of the day when I can close my eyes, relax and feel my body sink into my bed:)  My feet are so tired and I look up at the ceiling and say "Wow...I am exhausted...Geezz...It must be a Tuesday!

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