Dear God...It's me, Donielle

Everyday I wake up and go through my typical routine:/ Shower, hair, make-up, get kids ready for school, make my husband's breakfast, carpool, Baby Deb time, housework, carpool, take the kids to whatever sport they are in for the season...Son is a football player & my oldest daughter takes competitive gymnastics for LSU....and let's not forget church in all that. So, I have decided to blog on my everyday moments just being me and needing that break...when you look up to the sky when you've just realized your gas light is on and your stuck in traffic, and say "Dear God...It's me, Donielle"......

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Crazy family ties

Family can either be the best people in your life or the worst people in your life.  It doesn't matter either way because at the end of the day...You are family.  Same cloth.  You have to put up with their problems and even the problems that they cause you.  Today I spent the day with almost every family member in my immediate family and I must say...I love them.  There is a little crazy in every single one of us.  Some have tempers, mood swings, addictions, ego problems, securities and anything else that has affected us in life.  I love that we all tell stories and talk loud.  We laugh about how crazy we are and realize it's just who we are!  You are who you are.  Blood is life.  Yes you do not have to share the same blood to be family...but I am talking about those that have the same blood line.  Those traits that pull you together.  It's binding.  It's forever.  It's family.  No one gets you like family.  No one forgives you like family.  No one has your back like family & no one loves you like family.  Cherish it.  Happy Thanksgiving!